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Mudslide In Alpine, Colorado - July 22, 2007

Alpine Mudslide Area July 22, 2007 - I learned this morning that there were significant mudslides in the area of Alpine, Colorado, an old mining area beside the Alpine Lake down the canyon from St. Elmo. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but many homes and structures were greatly damaged according to reports.

I made the drive up Chaffee County Road 162 into Chalk Creek Canyon, hoping to at least photograph the mountainside where the mudslides transpired, but had no luck. At Chaffee County Road 292, the turnoff leading into Alpine, was closed off to visitors with only property owners allowed to enter into the area. Adjacent is a photo of numerous television news vehicles on the scene to cover the news.

The good news is, it appears the local community in the Arkansas River Valley are rallying to help any displaced residents with whatever needs they may have. Hopefully, the clean-up and rebuilding process will be expedited quickly. Sadly, one of the risks of living at the base of a tall canyon are things like mudslides, rock and boulder falls, and avalanches.

I included a few photos below of my wandering in and around the canyon. I plan to return to the St. Elmo ghost town tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some new photos to show then!

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Photo Gallery

Alpine, Colorado Here is an often photographed view of Alpine Lake. Much of the area known as Alpine is located behind the lake.
Chaffee County Road 162 The photo above was taken right here along the "soft shoulder" on Chaffee County Road 162. Watch the road on this portion of road, for there are no guardrails and a tumble down into the valley would lead to certain injury, if not death.
Chaffee County Road 162 Aspens along the roadside.
Alpine Mudslide Television news vehicles at the turnoff (Chaffee County Road 292) for Alpine.


Colorado Wildflowers Chalk Creek Baldwin Creek and Chalk Creek
I pulled over just east of Baldwin Creek on the main road and walked into the woods. I captured an array of purple wildflowers (left), Chalk Creek (center) and Baldwin Creek flowing hard from the left into Chalk Creek (right).

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