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Fall Foliage In St. Elmo, Colorado (Photos) - October 3, 2009

Mt. Princeton, CO It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning in Chaffee County, Colorado. I felt so lazy and needed to "go easy" today (i.e. no major hikes or long drives), but I also knew being outside was necessary. I ended up driving from my home in Buena Vista to St. Elmo, and this pictorial begins with orange cottonwoods and Mt. Princeton. The photo taken on the shoulder of Chaffee County Road 321, sometimes referred to as "Rodeo Road."
Chalk Creek Canyon, CO

Chalk Creek Canyon, CO

A short distance uphill Agnes Vaille Falls and Cascade Falls, I captured these two adjacent photos of Chalk Creek Canyon from the road.

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  • Heading up the canyon toward St. Elmo, I turned right (where the pavement ends) on a dirt road that travels up the canyon on the other side of the river.
    A view of Chalk Creek, the main tributary river in the canyon.
    Colorado Fall Foliage Some autumn foliage still remains as of today! Very nice!

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  • Colorado Scenery I think this is my favorite photo in this collection. Pretty color, but make no mistake... Winter is in the air! :)
    Colorado Rocky Mountains An opening in the road provided this pretty mountain view.
    Alpine, CO

    Alpine Lake, CO

    This dirt road eventually reaches the village of Alpine, CO, most noteable for Alpine Lake and a small number of homes near it.

    SECOND PHOTO: A stunning view of Alpine Lake taken from the "soft shoulder" on Chaffee County Road 162.

    St. Elmo, Colorado Almost all of the seasonal color was gone in St. Elmo. Adjacent is the standard shot of the Stark Building. :)

    All the best, Steve

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