St. Elmo, Colorado
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The Bridge Over Chalk Creek in St. Elmo - March 17, 2007

St. Elmo, Colorado Okay, I will definitely admit that this is not the most exciting pictorial, and the lighting of the adjacent photo somehow got overexposed, but hey, a visit to St. Elmo is always worth updating this web site.

After doing some road and mountain bicycling today, I made my latest drive to St. Elmo. With the weather in the 50's and 60's (at least Buena Vista and Nathrop), snow has been slowly melting and muddy conditions were quite prevalent in town. Yes folks, mud season has arrived!

I walked just a bit around town and found myself gazing at snow-framed Chalk Creek at the St. Elmo bridge. It was very pretty! It was here that I felt inspired to snap some basic photos of and around the one and only bridge in town. Oh ... and take precaution, because the bridge apparently can only handle 40,000 pounds on it! ;)

Have a fantastic day, my friends! I am so excited to "take on" this town with my camera when summer hits! ;)

All the best,

Photo Gallery

St. Elmo, Colorado Bridge The one and only bridge that crosses Chalk Creek in St. Elmo.
Chalk Creek St. Elmo, Colorado The snow was somewhat soft yet abundant around Chalk Creek.
St. Elmo, Colorado
St. Elmo, Colorado
I tried to get a little creative with these two. ;)
Weight Limit Sign Yikes! 40,000 pounds is a lot, isn't it? :p)
Muddy Sandles I'm telling you, it was really muddy in St. Elmo. If you go in the Spring, I suggest bringing regular shoes, sneakers or boots! ;)

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