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The Iron City Cemetery, Near St. Elmo - June 4, 2007

I recently read Memories Of St. Elmo by Charlotte Merrifield, a historical narrative of the memories of a woman who grew up in town during St. Elmo's second mining boom in the 1910's. In her recollections and amusing anecdotes, Merrifield includes the names of many residents of the town, and so I thought it would be worthwhile to visit the cemetery near St. Elmo, known as the Iron City Cemetery.

To get there, simply take Chaffee County Road 162 west into Chalk Creek Canyon. Just before entering into St. Elmo, make a right at the "Iron City Campground" sign, drive through the campground area and the cemetery will be on your left. It is quite a pretty and peaceful area of forest with nice views of the mountains.

My visit to the cemetery was solemn and reflective. The grounds are well-maintained and at the etrance, there is a directory of names of those who rest here. There are also some recent burials in the cemetery as well.

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Photo Gallery

Iron City Cemetery
A modern sign at the entrance.
St. Elmo Cemetery
It was a really beautiful spring afternoon during my visit. It had been raining with thunder in St. Elmo just 30 minutes before arriving at the cemetery, and so I was very appreciative of the more pleasant weather. I really like this photo of the blue sky, mountain, bright green aspesns, some of the tombstones and walking path.
Hurley Sons' Tombstones
I looked at the directory of names of those buried here. I recognized three people on the list: The two sons of Pat Hurley (above) who both died before reaching adulthood in the 1890's. Pat Hurley was the owner of the popular saloon back in the day. I also noted the site of Daniel Clark (1842-1927), who served as mayor St. Elmo in the early 20th century.
Historic Tombstone
An example of an older tombstone that's been weathered by time.
A view of Mount Mamma from the cemetery.

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