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Feeding and Photographing the Chipmunks of St. Elmo - May 19, 2007

Chipmunk After arriving in St. Elmo on my bike yesterday, I noticed a large group of chipmunks moving about in the official "Chipmunk Crossing" area across from the General Store. I was determined to photograph them as soon as possible and returned today to do just that.

Firstly, don't you dare call these cute chipmunks furry brown rodents ... They are chipmunks and even though there is some resemblance, they mean no harm! They are not rats! :p)

Interestingly, the chipmunks seemed very acquainted with human beings in their presence, perhaps due to years of conditioning of receiving food from them at this very spot. The little critters almost immediately approached me with the anticipation of feasting on some of the food in my hand, and even while they were eating, the chipmunks seemed so comfortable that I could place my camera in very close proximity to them. Hence, the great shot of the chipmunk to the right!

Special thanks to the St. Elmo General Store for offering bags of black seeds (for 50 cents) to feed the chipmunks! The general store is now open regularly during the warm weather season up here.

Anyway, if you love chipmunks, I trust you'll find this page enjoyable!

All the best,
Steve :)

Chipmunk Crossing St. Elmo Chipmunk Area Across the road from the St. Elmo General Store is an unconspicuous pile of wood boards and logs, but look closely ... there are likely a lot of chipmunks moving around in there! ;)
Chipmunk Food Chipmunk Food A bag of chipmunk food (black seeds) can usually be purchased at the general store for 50 cents!

Photo Gallery - Chipmunks in St. Elmo, Colorado

Chipmunk Standing Up Chipmunk Chipmunk
Upon first walking toward the chipmunks, one of the larger chipmunks on the left took notice and even stood up. ;)
Also, the middle and right photos are the two I am most happy with. Those chipmunks didn't seem to mind my digital camera at all as long as they were chomping away at their food! :p)
Chipmunks Chipmunk Chipmunk
I got a decent photo (left) of four chipmunks at once!
Chipmunk Chipmunks
That chipmunk on right was really pudgy! :p)
Chipmunk Chipmunk Steve with the chipmunks
I included a self-portrait of myself and the chipmunks as they were eating. It was such a nice day to do nothing and take in the mountain scenery. Spring has definitely arrived in St. Elmo!

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