St. Elmo, Colorado

Colorado 4-Wheel Drive Trail - St. Elmo To Tincup Via Tincup Pass

Photo Gallery - August 28, 2010
St. Elmo, Colorado
After encouraging them to visit, the Abel family traveled in their Jeep from Colorado Springs to test the 4-wheel drive road to Tincup Pass. My first drive to Tincup Pass was in 2006, and they generously brought me along today.

My photo gallery begins with a shot of the Stark Building in St. Elmo. The sky was a deep blue in the morning. By the way, many local businesses offer Jeep and ATV rentals, including the St. Elmo General Store.

Colorado 4WD Road
I don't know the different classes of 4WD trails in Colorado, but it seemed like a standard high clearance vehicle can make it to Tincup Pass. There are a few rough spots near the top and also on the Gunnison County side of the pass. :)
Tincup Pass Road
Continuing upward.
4WD Trail
My pictures never do a service in showing how bumpy this trail was. Here was one spot where everyone was shaking back and forth in the Jeep!

Colorado Mountain Scenery
Approaching timberline.
Colorado Jeep Trail
Near Tincup Pass, the road became rockier. Now this is a good shot showing some of the rocks!
Tincup Pass, CO
Myself (far left) with the Abel family. Nothing beats living in the mountains!

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Tincup Pass Colorado
The beautiful blue sky of Colorado.
Fitzpatrick Peak, CO
Another view from Tincup Pass. The mountain located in the center of the photo is Fitzpatrick Peak (alt. 13,124 feet). This is a mountain I hope to climb in the near future. It appears the most common route to the summit is to start at Tincup Pass and hike along the divide.

On the other side (south), it appears an experienced hiker could hike up the ridge and walk along the divide toward Emma Burr Mountain. Ah the climbing opportunities!
A line of peaks southeast of Tincup Pass, all in the 12,600' to 12,800' range.

Tincup Pass Road
The west side of Tincup Pass is much rockier. Oh what fun we had bouncing around in the Jeep!
Again, my photos don't really show how rocky it was, and it is difficult to capture a non-blurry picture when your body is jolting so much. At the point above, Jeff stopped to allow two ATV riders to pass us.
Mirror Lake, Colorado
The Abel family really loved Mirror Lake. We rested and ate lunch there.
Tincup, CO
We made it to Tincup, then traveled the back to Buena Vista by driving through Taylor Park and Cottonwood Pass. We had an exceptional 4-wheel drive experience! Oh and be sure to drive courteously in Tincup. What a hilarious sign! :)

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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