St. Elmo, Colorado

St. Elmo, Colorado (Photos and Video) - February 21, 2009

Visit To St. Elmo, Colorado

February 21, 2009 - I must admit I sometimes become spoiled living in this Colorado mountain wonderland. Sometimes I take the mountains for granted, and stunning mountain views become ordinary.

Well, today I experienced my drive and visit to St. Elmo from the perspective of someone a mountainless and scenery deficient state like Kansas or Texas. I pretended I had never seen these mountains before and snapped pictures of anything and everything I thought would be interesting. I hope you enjoy them!

Oh ... I also made a video this time which can be seen on the left. If you like what you see, you are welcome to visit my library of videos on YouTube. Lots of other Colorado-related stuff in there!

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Mt. Princeton

Mt. Antero

Mountain Views Along The Way

I snapped my first picture on Chaffee County Road 162 near Nathrop. Grand views of Mt. Princeton (top) and Mt. Antero (right).

Colorado Mountains Now there's a pretty mountain view that I've taken for granted before! ;)
Colorado Mountains

Chaffee County Road 162

Continuing up Chalk Creek Canyon. Those aspens are really pretty during the fall.
Colorado Mountains Near the Agnes Vaille Falls Trailhead.
St. Elmo, Colorado Entering St. Elmo.
St. Elmo, Colorado A nice mountain view. Those trucks are owned by snowmobilers who use this area as a launching point for their snowmobiling adventures.
St. Elmo, CO

St. Elmo, CO

Two attractive and historic structures.
Ghosttown Guesthouse A new business has opened up. This building is the "Ghosttown Guesthouse" - a bed & breakfast. Check 'em out at their web site:
St. Elmo, CO

St. Elmo Ghost Town

St. Elmo, CO

St. Elmo, CO

It was a beautiful day to be outside! :)

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  • Nathrop, CO
  • Poplar Gulch Trail
  • Tincup Pass
  • Hancock Ghost Town
  • Alpine Tunnel
  • St. Elmo Ghost Town This particular structure is being rebuilt.
    St. Elmo, CO The Cash Criss Building
    St. Elmo, CO

    Lots of snow... look at all that snow on the roof of the structure in the bottom photo!
    Snowy Creek Snow covers much of the creek.
    St. Elmo, Colorado I like the colors on the right building.
    St. Elmo, Colorado The view of Mt. Mamma in the background. See the narrow valley out there? That's Grizzly Gulch which leads to Grizzly Lake. (It was a nice hike!)
    Tincup Pass Road A pretty winter scene.
    St. Elmo, CO Almost all of the buildings in St. Elmo are privately owned. Please be respectful of this ... Do not trespass!
    St. Elmo, CO A photo of myself.
    Colorado Mountains One final Colorado mountain photo, as a I traveled back out of the canyon on Chaffee County Road 162.

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