St. Elmo, Colorado
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Snow, Mountains and Scenery

St. Elmo, Colorado

On a sunny March day, St. Elmo was as pretty as ever with plenty of snow and wonderful mountain scenery. Enjoy 31 photos and 2 videos.

St. Elmo Schoolhouse


A video and four photos about the one room schoolhouse in St. Elmo.

Town History


The St. Elmo Town Hall & Jail give a helpful summary about the town's history.

Sunny Spring Days Are Best

St. Elmo, Colorado

A bike ride up Chalk Creek Canyon on a sunny spring day. Enjoy eight photos and four videos ... Spring in St. Elmo

Winter In The Mountains

St. Elmo, CO

A visit to St. Elmo after a snowstorm blanketed much of the state with a fresh layer of snow. Nothing beats winter in the mountains ... Winter Photos

St. Elmo Ghost Town Tour

Ghost Town Tour

Steve Garufi snapped various photos of St. Elmo on a Saturday in May. Large amounts of snow still remain through town, but the snow is certainly melting. Enjoy his scenic photos here ... Ghost Town Tour

Winter Snow Scenes In St. Elmo

Mother Nature doesn't mess around in winter in St. Elmo. Count on snowfall any time there is precipitation for 6+ months of the year. Two days before Christmas, I visited to photograph winter snow scenes and the glorious Mountains ... View Photos

4-Wheel Drive To Tincup Pass

Tincup Pass, CO

Traveling on four-wheel drive road by Jeep or ATV to Tincup Pass is very popular in the summer. Shown are my 15 best photos of our drive, starting at St. Elmo and ending at the town of Tincup ... View Photos

Snow Scenes In The Mountains

St. Elmo, CO

I was due for a visit to St. Elmo and the sun's bright morning rays motivated me to make the drive from Buena Vista to St. Elmo. Plenty of snowy Colorado scenes are in this photo gallery ... View Photos

Fall Season In Chalk Creek Canyon

Chalk Creek Canyon

On a sunny October Saturday morning, I felt compelled to get out of the house and make the drive to St. Elmo. Enjoy some photos of mountains and remaining fall colors inside Chalk Creek Canyon ... View Photos

Mud & Snow Season In The Mountains

St. Elmo, CO

Kent, Stephen and Steve visited St. Elmo the day after a significant spring snowstorm in the mountains. Mud season has definitely arrived up here ... View Photos and Watch Video

Autumn Colors

The autumn colors turn much earlier than many area of Colorado. Enjoy a photo gallery of four striking pictures of the beautiful scenery at this time of year ... View All Photos

A Very Special Place ... St. Elmo, Colorado

St. Elmo, Colorado I am not fortunate enough to live in St. Elmo, but with Buena Vista as my home, it gives me the luxury of making the short drive to visit this special town frequently.

Being a photographer of Colorado's natural beauty, I have found myself frequently inside Chalk Creek Canyon, the magnificent canyon inside the Sawatch mountain range that leads to St. Elmo and other points. Through the years, I have taken hundreds of photos of mountain scenery, historic buildings and fall foliage in and around the town of St. Elmo. This website is reason to visit St. Elmo more often.

All the best, Steve


St. Elmo and Area on YouTube

St. Elmo Web Cam

The webcam above is provided by a St. Elmo property owner. Click here to see a larger version.

Popular Hikes & Adventures

Things to do in and around St. Elmo.

Agnes Vaille Falls
Agnes Vaille Falls

Hancock / Alpine Tunnel

Tincup Pass
Tincup Pass

Mt. Princeton Photos
Mt. Princeton

St. Elmo Facts

  • St. Elmo's year-round population is 3, but the number increases greatly during the summer months.

  • St. Elmo's elevation is 10,054 feet.

  • In its heyday, St. Elmo had a population of approximately 1,000.

  • Remarkably, Chaffee County Road 162, the road leading to St. Elmo from Nathrop, is plowed throughout the winter months.
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