St. Elmo, Colorado

In The Thick Of Winter In St. Elmo, Colorado - January 24, 2008

St. Elmo, Colorado I will be out of town for approximately two months beginning on February 1, and so I wanted to squeeze in one more visit to St. Elmo, especially with it being at the height of winter in the mountains.

It has been an unusually snowy and bitter cold winter. Many "old timers" in the region are saying this winter has been like the way they used to be in the 1970's and 1980's before the suspicions of climate change were prevalent. At my home in Buena Vista, none of my neighbors have seen the actual ground since early December and we have not reached 40 or above either since that time!

Enjoy the snowy and winter photos below in the St. Elmo region. Chaffee County Road 162 is indeed well plowed and my front wheel drive Honda did just great making it up the canyon! If you're seeking solitude and grand snowy scenes, there's no better place than the Sawatch Mountains. Do be well-informed and vigilant about the risk of avalanches too!

Lastly, I'd like to make a plug for the St. Elmo Discussion Forum and St. Elmo has a presence on myspace. Check it out!

All the best,
Steve :)

Photo Gallery

Chaffee County Road 162 Heading up Chaffee County Road 162.
Chaffee County Road 162 I always seem to capture this grand mountain view near the Agnes Vaille Falls Trailhead area.
St. Elmo, Colorado A snowed-in home.
St. Elmo, Colorado Fairly large snow drifts.
St. Elmo, Colorado
St. Elmo, Colorado
Probably two of the most photographed buildings in this town. :)
St. Elmo Schoolhouse The historic schoolhouse.
Snowy Road A very snowy road.
St. Elmo, Colorado An old truck covered in snow with a mountain ridge behind.
Chaffee County Road 162 I pulled over at the "soft shoulder" near Alpine Lake. :)

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