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Morning Visit To St. Elmo, Colorado - November 17, 2006

St. Elmo, Colorado It was a sunny morning when I arrived in St. Elmo at approximately 9:30 a.m., which created some very good lighting conditions to snap some photos in town. This time, I focused a little more on specific historic buildings that are standing.

The adjacent photo is of the Cash Williams Building on the main road in town. Upon looking inside, there were piles of antiquated "junk" throughout the front room. Interestingly, even the "junk" in St. Elmo often points to the historical significance of the town and its mining culture from the settlement era.

As I walked around, I did not see another person in town. I did hear some construction noises inside the three story building across from the St. Elmo General Store and spotted three hunters along Chaffee County Road 162, but that was it!

All the best,
Steve :)

St. Elmo Photo Gallery

McKenzie Ottoson House The McKenzie Ottoson House built in 1885. This home is located near the entrance of the town.
St. Elmo General Store The St. Elmo General Store, which is open during the summer months.
St. Elmo Mercantile This bell on the deck of the St. Elmo Mercantile buidling (built in 1892) caught my attention. I wonder what stories could be told about that bell!
American House Hotel Parlour The American House Hotel Parlour, built in 1882.
Cash Williams Building The Cash Williams Building, built in 1881.
St. Elmo, Colorado This building is probably the most photogenic structure in the entire town. ;)
McKinney Hellman House The McKinney Hellman House, built in 1882.
St. Elmo, Colorado An old schoolhouse.
Outhouse If you spend much time in St. Elmo, you'll notice the many outhouses that are around.
St. Elmo, Colorado The lightning was not the greatest, but I liked the composition of the mailboxes, Tincup Pass sign and Chaffee County road sign.
St. Elmo Home A quaint St. Elmo home.

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