St. Elmo, Colorado

Winter Morning Visit To St. Elmo (Photos) - February 14, 2010

Mt. Antero

Mt. Antero

Along The Way

February 14, 2010 - My morning was free and after an assessment of my mental state, it was obvious I needed to get out of the house. Thus, this photo gallery begins with photos of my drive along the way to St. Elmo from my home in Buena Vista.

Adjacent are two photos from Chaffee County Road 321 (often referred to as "Rodeo Road") with a pretty view of Mt. Antero.

Mt. Princeton I pulled over onto Chaffee County Road 327 to photograph Mt. Princeton. This will likely be tomorrow's Mt. Princeton photo of the day on my web site dedicated to the mountain: :)
Inside Chalk Creek Canyon, I only spotted one young bighorn sheep in the vicinity of the wildlife refuge & observation area.

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    Chaffee County Road 162 Very typical snowy scenery on Chaffee County Road 162 in the winter.

    St. Elmo, Colorado

    The grand view of Mt. Mamma (alt. 13,634 feet). That mountain gets little respect, because it doesn't reach the magic number of 14,000 feet, but I intend to show how majestic it is up there. Stay tuned!

    St. Elmo, Colorado
    Two historic structures with aspens. St. Elmo, Colorado
    The edge of town with a fork to Chaffee County Road 294 (which leads to a dead end) and Tincup Pass. St. Elmo, CO
    The historic St. Elmo schoolhouse. Schoolhouse
    Yes folks, St. Elmo does have a public restroom. Thank heavens this outhouse was in operation during my visit! ;) Colorado Outhouse
    Three photos of the same block.

    Without question this block is the most photographed spot in the town ... so much that I snapped three variations of the same view. :)

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  • St. Elmo, Colorado

    St. Elmo, Colorado

    St. Elmo, CO

    I was particularly intrigued by this view because Mt. Princeton's summit can be seen way out there.

    The second photo was used as the Mt. Princeton photo of the day for February 14. :)

    St. Elmo, CO

    St. Elmo, CO

    The town hall. St. Elmo, Colorado
    Yours truly. It was a nice morning in the mountains!

    Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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