St. Elmo, Colorado

Photo Tour of St. Elmo, Colorado

Colorado Ghost Town - St. Elmo, Colorado Mountain Scenery
May 14, 2011 - Here's a tour of the St. Elmo Ghost Town in Chaffee County. From Buena Vista, I made the drive on a cloudy late Saturday afternoon. My first photo taken is of Chaffee County Road 162, heading up the canyon. Many sections of this road were once the railroad grade from Nathrop, through the Alpine Tunnel and to towns on the western slope.
Colorado Scenery
Lots of wonderful Colorado snow remains along the road. :)
St. Elmo, Colorado
Entering St. Elmo.
St. Elmo, Colorado
The beautiful log home on the right as one enters.
St. Elmo Ghost Town
Do you see any leaves on those trees? Neither do I. Spring takes its time deep in the highest elevations of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, but be assured the snow is melting.
Standing in Snow
I stood in a large mound of snow that was approximately 2-3 feet deep. On chilly mornings when the snow is hard, there are still many decent places for snowshoeing and snowmobiling.
St. Elmo Ghost Town
A simple snapped pictures of structures from my car.
St. Elmo, Colorado
The most photographed building in the entire town? Probably.
Ghost Town Tour
Two more beautiful buildings.
St. Elmo, Colorado
The sun tried to peak its way out. Above is the grand view of Mount Mamma standing over the town. On Wednesday (three days ago), much of central Colorado received quite a snowstorm, but it seems spring is slowly but surely winning over winter.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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