St. Elmo, Colorado

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Colorado Road Scenery
February 4, 2012 - A fresh layer of snow had fallen throughout the state of Colorado on the previous day, and with camera and tripod, I went out to visit our beloved ghost town. As I've been in the recent habit, I found myself continually snapping shots of the snowy road and scenery on Chaffee County Road 162.
Chaffee County Road 162
You can't beat mountains in the background, pretty forest and large amounts of plowed snow on the sides of the road.

Snowy Road Colorado
The snowy and icy conditions intensified as I continued into Chalk Creek Canyon.
St. Elmo Colorado
With the exception of the occasional sound of a snowmobile, I had the entire main street area to myself.

I climbed up on a massive snow bank (about eight feet tall) to photograph this grand view. Note that the video at the bottom of this page was taken from this very spot.

All seems peaceful in St. Elmo.

St. Elmo, Colorado
The town hall building.

On my way out of the canyon, I zoomed-in on this sister peak that's north of Mount Antero and in the 12,000 to 13,000 foot range in elevation.

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.


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