St. Elmo, Colorado
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Scott, Lars and Steve Visit St. Elmo, Colorado - March 4, 2007

St. Elmo, Colorado My friends Lars and Scott (see third photo below) in Colorado Springs drove out to see me in Chaffee County and we had quite a day. We started with a short up the Whipple Trail and captured some beautiful morning photos of the Collegiate Peaks. We then entered into Chalk Creek Canyon and photographed some of the bighorn sheep common to the area and the Chalk Cliffs. We also hiked the 0.5 miles to Agnes Vaille Falls, which was largely iced over and covered in thick snow but still very much worth the effort to visit. It was only after all that activity that we arrived in this special ghost town.

The area seemed to be bustling for St. Elmo standards, as there were many signs of people enjoying winter activities. The sound and sight of snowmobilers were common and a young boy with his parents enjoyed sledding and tubing down various hills. The fact that there were clear blue skies with no wind and temperatures in the upper 30's probably inspired locals and non-locals to get out.

Below are some of my best pictures from our walk around St. Elmo. We had a great time!

All the best,
-Steve :)

St. Elmo Photo Gallery

St. Elmo, Colorado We pulled over from the well-photographed building that held the Stark Brothers Store and old St. Elmo post office.
This is the Pushor Building, built in 1885.
Lars Leber and Scott Baker A good shot of Lars and Scott. We all had our digital camera with us and each too 100+ photos. Lars' photography web site is
St. Elmo, Colorado The gray building with the pink door is the Russell Thorp Building, built in 1880.
And just look at all the snow up there!
This is the Whitney Fobes Maine House, built in 1882.
St. Elmo Ghost Town I looked up at these windows and wondered the stories from the past I might here ... if windows could speak.
St. Elmo Snowmobilers I got a nice photo of a line of snowmobilers! This is a very popular activity during the winter time, especially in the Cottonwood Pass area. :)
The sun reflected perfectly on this structure.
Outdoor Web Cam :)
Snow in St. Elmo I did my best to post with the mountain in the background, but my feet kept sinking into the soft snow. It was frustrating, but kind of fun! :p)

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